Conclusion: A message for homeschooled teens and alumni
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This guide was created with a specific mission in mind. As homeschool alumni and educators, we appreciate how homeschooling can pose both barriers and advantages to college and career preparedness. Homeschool alumni deserve a resource specific to them, and that is precisely what we set out to achieve. 

However, the deeper motivation behind CYOC was the simple fact that we believe in you. We believe that homeschool alumni are capable of thriving in their education and careers, and of making substantial contributions to their communities, society, and the world. If homeschooling was an enriching experience for you, we celebrate that, and we hope this textbook adds a helpful supplement to your education. If your experience with homeschooling was negative or harmful, we see you. Your pain and frustration are valid. We want you to know that, in spite of the obstacles you’ve unfairly had to endure, there is a bright future in your reach. In fact, some of the contributors to this book were educationally neglected, and intimately understand the challenges of feeling set back while navigating young adult life. All of us are rooting for you in whatever path you choose to achieve. 

Indeed, we hope that one of the core takeaways of CYOC is that the best path forward is unique to you and only you can discover it. We have sought to provide you insight into the practicalities of different paths and tools for reflecting on your goals, and now trust you to take that information and run with it. The path that resonates with you—whether it is post-secondary education, the trades, the workforce, or something else—is the one we endorse. Whatever it is, we are so excited for what your future holds.

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