Access the introduction here!

Chapter 2 offers general advice on envisioning your future and some practical advice on basics of adult life. This chapter has something to offer all readers, regardless of how confident they are in their next steps after homeschool.

Chapter 3 is geared toward readers who want to enter the workforce directly after homeschool, but is also useful background information for everyone who plans to get a job someday. 

Chapters 4 walks you through the process of deciding whether to pursue post-homeschool education.

Chapter 5 provides an overview of the college search, outlining the most important factors to consider in the search process. 

Chapter 6 walks through the steps of the long (and sometimes confusing!) process of college applications in detail. 

Chapter 7 concerns the trades, and gives an overview of vocational school and apprenticeships.  

Chapter 8 gives practical advice about financing your education, and is relevant both to those aspiring to higher education and the trades.

Chapter 9 explores other options available beyond conventional paths, such as starting a small business and homesteading.



A short concluding message of encouragement and support. Access the conclusion here!

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