Creating Charting Your Own Course was truly a community effort. This resource exists today thanks to the work, energy, and creativity of multiple communities of collaborators, whom we have listed below.

The resource was originally envisioned and developed by  a dedicated team of educators and CRHE team members, including Jennifer Damashek, Dawn Haptonstahl, Christine Abrahams, Dr. Chelsea McCracken, and Cameron Etchart. After several years of careful development, a writing team comprised of CRHE team members, listed below, created Version 1. Version was reviewed by Chelsea McCracken, Dawn Haptonstahl, and Jennifer Damashek. 

In addition to the development and writing teams, we owe our great thanks to Jessica Dulaney and Angela Grimberg for providing invaluable feedback and vision-building to the project. 

Writing Team

Picture of Dr. Jonah Stewart

Dr. Jonah Stewart

Jonah is the Research Director at the Coalition for Responsible Home Education. Jonah is an education researcher and practitioner who holds a PhD in Education from the University of Oxford, which was funded by a Rhodes scholarship.

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Picture of Meg Brosneck

Meg Brosneck

Meg Brosneck is a current student at the Ohio State University. They were homeschooled from kindergarten through 8th grade and are currently employed as a K-12 tutor.

Picture of Cameron Etchart

Cameron Etchart

Cameron Etchart is a board member of CRHE and an attorney in northern Virginia. Cameron was homeschooled from 1st-12th grade and seeks to ensure that homeschooled children are protected from harm and have access to the same opportunities that he received.

Picture of RE Fulton

RE Fulton

R.E. Fulton is a content writer and researcher with experience in a little bit of everything, from the history of medicine to car insurance to true crime. They were homeschooled K-12 and hold a master’s degree in American history from the University of Rochester.

Picture of Kelsey Stewart

Kelsey Stewart

Kelsey is a writer based in Irvine, California, who was homeschooled K-5. She holds a BA in Classics from University of California, Davis.

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